I love numbers, words, and rhythm; not necessarily in that order, or any order for that matter. A statistician-in-training, I am passionate about questions arising in social science research. Indian classical dance and music transcends me to a different world, where my body and soul are in unison. But it is words, through which I can best communicate.

I often have experiences I feel like writing about. Most often, the idea is to note and preserve them. Sometimes I want to ponder over them a little. At times though, there is motivation to share them with someone. But blogging, sharing thoughts, initiating a written dialogue is not easy. For some people, it works beautifully. They express themselves very well, they are engaging and have the grace that is required to communicate through this medium. For others, it doesn’t work. They are not confident, their writing isn’t very powerful or they just like to keep their thoughts to themselves.

Once upon a time, I used to be able to write. Somewhere during the academic and professional journey, around the time of change in primary language of communication, and amidst five different surroundings I tried making a home of; I lost the words and my words lost their meaning. I am trying so bring them back. This is an attempt at using poetry and prose to unpack ideas, unfold experiences and paint a picture of the world, as I see it. Soon enough it will have a name. But until then, welcome to Sayali Phadke’s blog. Happy reading!